Midnight Snack – Full movie

Role: Director, under the supervision of Pramita.

Storyboard artists (in the order of scenes): Camille Townshend, Helen Davies, Alexandra Flores (+Koyo Do), Nori Retherford.

Sound: Scene 1 by Camille Townshend, the rest are by me.

Script by Tori Purcell.
My direction:
Scene 1: Opens with Suspense & thriller to throw people off. Question we pose: Who is she and what is she doing so late in the night? But from here we realize that it’s a whimsical story, where the cat and the girl are on the same page. The question shifts to: What are they going to do together secretly?
Scene 2: Here there is still some tension – They are incredibly careful and making sure that they don’t get busted. Now it’s clear that they are going to cook. Will they be caught? Maybe they even accidentally make a loud noise and we have another thriller moment of anxiety.
Scene 3: From here, all the anxiousness is gone and we have a “fun and games” sequence where they are cooking gleefully in a fun tempo. Feel free to add more shots if needed to make it more dynamic. Playful.
Scene 4: Celebratory scene, there is a giddy mischievousness when you get away with doing sneaky things. Please feel free to add another element of thriller in the beginning to remind the audience and the characters that they are doing this in a secret, (for example: one of the parents gets up, goes to the kitchen for water, yawning and goes back to bed without seeing them), so that the ending is much more satisfying.

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