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I had a pleasure to lead a comic-making workshop at WallsWithDoors (and be in the local newspaper!) I loved every bit of it and I learned so much as well.

WallsWithDoors is an event that gives space as well as a voice to homeless people and promotes genuine connections between humans. Workshop was held along side with Non-Violent communication workshop and a workshop about dealing with depression.

A few quotes from the news–using Google Translate
“Comic artist Koyo Do gives a workshop ‘make your own comic’. She indicates that you can express your emotions in simple drawings. This way you can get in touch with your emotions better. And it’s easier to talk to others about it by looking at the pictures.”

Images below are from the event – The Circle Way to connect with each other (I’m sitting on the right side!), and hands-on practice where everyone is invited to become a child again and draw all over the floor! It was so rewarding to see them getting inspired enough to make their own comics right away (some people made 2 comics in 15min – woah, they must have been waiting to be unleashed for a long time!)

Here is the presentation if anyone is interested about the content 🙂
Please feel free to send me your soul comics via!

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