Story Portfolio

LEC x Star Guardian

Action Drama

Employer: 2P Studios
Client: Riot Games

See the process of designing the Transformation scene here

Worked on all scenes EXCEPT the scene where VeTheo runs up the building

Transformation scene brainstorm thumbnails

Midnight Snack


WIA mentorship with Pramita Mukherjee

Written by Tori Purcell
Role: Director
See the full movie here

Temp music: ‘An Awkward Duet’ by Dodie and Jon Cozart
Storyboard: 20% Alexandra Flores, 80% Koyo

No reservation

Action Comedy

Mentorship with Rob Porter

See more storyboards for No Reservation here

Fight scene sketches & choreography exploration (Click to enlarge)

The Office?

[Dwight vs. Jim]

Action Comedy

Personal project

Sound available

The apprenticeship

Action Drama

[Work in progress | Personal project]

Created with Blender Grease Pencil